Thursday, September 1, 2011

Album Review: "Love Delight" by Davichi

1. Don't Say Goodbye

This amazing album starts right off with their sweet title track. This song has a very light sound it sounds sweet and very calm. This song does not show the greatest extent of davichi's wonderful vocals but it sheds ligh on the lighter side to their angelic voices and it is a truly beautiful song. The MV is relatively sweet with a hidden sadness that is not identified until the very moving yet confusing sad ending. As usual Davichi's lives are flawless and a perfect example of what Live should sound like. This song takes you to a musical heaven and although it is not Davichi's best release it is for sure a splendid choice off the album as a title track!
Song: 4/5

2. Love, My Love

This song is just amazing and it is so beautiful. This song has a very western feel and it's a sweet mixture of their light voices and a beautiful instrumental. The chorus is for sure the highlight of the song and the verses are nicely done as well. I personally think this song wonderfully caters to Min Kyung's light vocals while still letting HaeRi shine with her powerful voice! If you like  most kpop mainstream singers attempt's at ballads you will like this song the only differnce is the singing is better (jk but seriously). This song has a bit of an unwanted ending and it doesn't really feature a vocal climax but it's a sweet little mellow add to this album.
Song: 3/5
Live:  4/5

3. Don't Look For Me Again

This song channels Davichi's previous releases and hits "8282" and "Time Please Stop". I wasn't a fan of 8282 or TPT but for some reason I am in love with this song.  The slow build up in the verses is so mellow and gorgeous and then you rapidly start hearing the song build up then BAM you have some awesome up-beat HaeRi and Min Kyung vocals! The difference in this song and their previous releases is that the song pretty much stays hype and doesn't calm down until the very end as Min Kyung pours her heart out into her vocals right before HaeRi burst into an amazing and abrubt ending!
Song: 5/5

4. Happy End

When this song first started I was quite bored and I was starting to lose my enthusiasm since this one comes right after "Don't Look For Me Again". Then this really beautiful chorus came along that really warmed my heart and put me in mid-tempo love. Although Hae Ri sounds amazing as always once again I really feel like Min Kyungs vocals were shown under a shining spotlight. Usually I fall in love with Hae Ri's voice every time but in this album Minkyung really showed some improvement!
Song: 5/5

5. Secret

Secret was composed by Minkyung and it is the only real ballad on the album and it is really nice and you can really hear the emotion in Minkyungs vocals making her connection to this song very evident. Hae Ri's singing of the second verse and chorus was flawless and really showed the emotion she can project in her voice even when she's not using her vocals to their highest level. Min Kyung did a really good job composing this song and it is for sure one of the best songs on the album and it definetley has the best climax and ending out of all the songs on the album. This is for sure a stand out track on this album.
Song: 5/5

This album is a work of art and it has once again confirmed my undying love for the vocal poweress that is Davichi. I wish them continued success in their carrer as they are one of the few artists who produce pure and unsaturated music nowadays.

Album Overall: 4.6/5 lol I had to throw that .6 in there haha

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