Monday, September 5, 2011

Album Review: 4th Single Album -A.S. RED & A.S. BLUE

After School recently decided to seperate in to two sub-unit groups based on personality, strong points and fan decision. The company decided to seperate the girls in groups of 4 with one groups concept being sexy, poweful and chic. The other group would be innocent, pure, and sweet. They released two different single albums with two tracks on each, let's review!

A.S. Red consists of Nana, Jung Ah, Kahi, and UEE the members in the group who are considered to having the strongest sex appeal.

1. In the Night Sky
The title song from ASRED gives off a very calm and reserved feel while sounding sexy and charismatic. The song itself doesn't really sound sexy but when it's partnered with a sexy and fun music video, good lives, a charismatic dance, and the sexy members of ASRED you will think it's pretty sexy! They did a really good job with music video production and all though their lives weren't very elaborate they were still of a good quality since they were enhanced with good singing and dancing!
MV: 5/5

2. Hollywood (sung by AS as a whole)
Hollywood in my opinion really captures their concept perfectly! The chorus is a little cheesy and Legally Blonde like but the verses are nice. Since the members aren't all singing at once they're voices don't overpower the strong  and catchy beat. However, I question why they chose to put a dance break section in the song if they weren't going to perform the song in all it's glory live. Either way it's a pretty ok song though.
Song: 3/5

After School Blue consists of Raina, Jooyeon, Lizzy, and EYoung!

1. Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy is really upbeat and cheery and it is a great song. Honestly I like this way better than In the Night Sky which is why I was totally in utter shock when I found out ITNS was more popular on Korean Music Charts. The verse is really sweet and mellow and refreshing. The chorus on the other hand is very upbeat and it just puts you in a really good mood, the chorus is so adorable and cute without be annoying. From the time they say "Coming Coming Come To Me" it sounds great. The second chorus was especially nice with Raina's high note bringing you right in to it. The way the song ends is amazing and  is just a splendidly completed track and the song is very pleasant on the ears!
Song: 5/5

2. Lady (sung by After School as a whole)
Lady is really sweet and it's a really good song by After School. Honestly I like this song better than Hollywood as well. This song is a really nice mid-tempo pop track and it has a catchy chorus. The verses are really nice and they go great with the chorus. I honestly think this song as a whole is really nice.

4th Single Album
ASRED: 3/5

They both are great albums but AS Blue's really took the cake for me!

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