Friday, August 26, 2011

K-Pop Hairstyle Battle

Lately it seems like everyone is cutting off their long locks and opting for a short chick cute that can go from cute to sexy all depending on how you rock it! Let's check out some of the stars who rock it the best.

SeungYeon of KARA

SeungYeon looks very adorable whith her short haircute just like a little child! Her gorgeous locks partnered with her enchanting smile and charming aegyo equals amazing ultimate beauty and cuteness!

Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls

 Ga-In's short hair looks chic because of the eyeliner she uses to bring out her fierce eyes! GaIn's short hair appeal is her beautiful round face. Her short hair also helps in making her neck look longer.

Ji Yoon of 4Minute

JiYoon's hairstyle is chic yet cute. Although Ji Yoon has a very chic image as a performer her off stage cute personality and soft beauty really brings out the inner feminity in Ji Yoon through her cute hairstyle.

Nicole of KARA

Nicole's hair is sexy and fierce and it brings out different things in her. Her eye makeup gives her a sexy appeal but her bright eye smile takes her cuteness to a whole new level with her short hair.

Dasom of SISTAR

Dasom's short hair looks really glamorous on her and it really brings out her big, sharp eyes as well as her sharp nose. It makes her look older then she really is and really suits her image as the glamorous maknae in SISTAR

Dara of 2NE1

Sandara's short hair brings out the ahjumma and child in her all depending on the way she styles it! When Dara wears her 'apple' hair she looks so adorable and when she wears it down she looks chic, feirce, and her real age. I liek Dara better with long hair because it suits her glamorous face!

Hyun Young of Rainbow

 Hyun Young's hair is so flawless and pretty and it looks so adorable on her when she wears it short instead of with extensions! Although Hyun Young is the maknae when she wears her hair short she also exudes charisma and confidence contrary to the soft and sweet look that  her long hair gives off.

Eunjung of TARA

  Eunjung's short hair partnered with her cold stares she gives in her many drama roles makes Eunjung seem like a cold star. When her short hair is partnered with her bright smile though she looks gorgeous. Eunjung rocks this style the best to me with her short and thick luxurious hair!

Who do you think rocks this style the best?!

Is it Chic Eunjung or Sexy Ga-In?!
Or Cuties Dasom, Seungyeon and Hyun Young?!
Or is it versatile divas Dara and Nicole?!

You Pick!

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