Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuck In My Head 81511

So I just want to share with my readers the songs that are stuck in my head right now! So now when I want to tell everyone my favorite songs for the moment, I will make titled Stuck In My Head partnered with the date!

After School Blue "Wonder Boy"

This song is so adorable and to make it better it has the amazing vocals of Raina and cute expressions of Lizzy. Plus it has my two out of three AS biases E-Young and Jooyeon.

Hwayobi "I'm Ok"

I had never listened to Hwayobi before I saw this video on "Pops In Seoul" on TV the other day! I can't believe I never looked her up before this because she is amazing. She's really fit, she's really pretty and the most amazing thing 'her voice'. I was blown away...Hwayobi Fighting!! I'm a fan!

SISTAR (씨스타) "So Cool"

SISTAR has blown me away once again. Although at first I hated this song I'm in love with it now. Hyorin's high notes are amazing. Dasom has improved so much and Soyu looks so pretty even though she did before she really looks amazing now! Bora's rap is so cool. This song has so grown on me and I love SISTAR so much! they are killing it on music programs too not to mention they are owning the charts! They have surpassed SJ, 2NE1, and Miss a on the charts! So SISTAR FTW!

Miss A "Help Me"
This is such a nice song! It made me want to knock SECRET off my Top 10 G-Group list and put Miss A there (by the way I'm seriously considering it). Miss A such a good song it's such mondern take on a R&B 90's track I really like the feel of the song! Makes me one to groove lol

GP Basic "Jelly Pop"

It took a while for this song to grow on me but now that it has, I love it! Especially the tic tic tica toc part and then the dance break part! This song is so adorable and yet it's full of so much swag! Plus I didn't know Leah could sing like that! Honestly though trinity, Mui, and Janey are like owning their performances. Janey is the prettiest and most adorable member. Trinity has so much swagga and she's talented. Mui is just awesome like she just looks so confident like 'yea I run this' lol.

Miss A "Goodbye Baby"

Miss A OMG I can't get enough. Miss A just debuted last year and they are already owning the industry just like 2NE1 in 2010. 2NE1 and Miss A are going to be the WG and SNSD as far as rivalry.  Their comeback performances were amazing and they have been promoting for atleast a month and they're owning the digital single and album charts. Plus every time they step on the music program stages they do so good. Every perform it's like a first time, they kill it every time!

Bebe Mignon "Doo Bi Doo Ba"

Bebe Mignon's fresh vocals partnered with this adorable video just brightens up my day. I wish this song was longer but I love eery seconcd anyway. Bebe M is so underrated to be so talented but either way I love him. If you've never heard of Bebe M they are the female version of 4MEN, that's how their company debuted them. Their under YWHO Enterprise & HappyFace Entertainment! I think they're gonna be the next SEEYA!

NS Yoonji "Talk Talk Talk"

I'm not a huge fan of Yoonji's music but I do love her on Pops In Seoul. I found this video OnDemand in the kpop section. This song is awesome! Such a creepy yet AWESOME and adorable video lol!

After School "In The Night Sky"

I loved ASB first but I'm really starting to like ASR. JungAh is my third bias so I had to check out this video. I'm glad I did because now I'm in love haha. This video is AWESOME! UEE and Jung Ah look so cool and this song is addicting! Plus their lives are good.

HAHA (하하) "You Are My Destiny 2"

This video is sooooooo funny! Plus the song is addicting it's so refreshingly unpredictable!

T-ARA "Roly Poly"

Roly Poly is like my fav T-ARA song ever! It's so catchy and the dance is so cool. I really like their concept and style too! T-ARA chaegu

Hyuna "Bubble Pop"

I originally couldn't stand this song but now I've grown to really like it! It's always stuck in my head and the MV is really cool at first I thought it was slutty but hey Rain/Bi can dance like he does in "Love Song" then what the heck! Her lives were pretty good too it's too bad she sucks at singing though because that totally edited high note she does in the recorded song isn't performed hehe. no brainer

2PM "Hands Up"

So makes me one to go club but then I would have to get a fake idea which I would never do so that's a unfulfilled wish! Wooyoung I Love You! I love Sohee's part.

2NE1 "Ugly"

I hate can totally relate to this song! Then again sometimes I can relate to I Am The Best too! I just love 2NE1! Yall really are the best! Wonder Girls has been my #1 girl groups for the longest my making want to take that title from them! I don't know what to do!

BEAST/B2ST "On Rainy Days"

OMG keeps making me want to cry. I really like Yosoeb's voice, he really stole my heart on Immortal Song 2 so I wanted to check out his group. I wish he would rejoin the cast for IS2!

I love this songs!! Look forward to some more Stuck In My Heads posts.

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