Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Album Review: "Charming Five Girls" 5DOLLS

5DOLLS debut album "Charming Five Girls" didn't do amazing in sales but it was a good debut in my opinion. Let's review each song bit by bit and give final scores on this album which I physically purchased off of YesAsia. Keep in mind the higest score available at the end for the title tracks is 15/15 for overall scores.

1.Your Words (I Mean You/It's You)

This song is very upbeat and it features the amazing vocals of Chan Mi and it really just makes you want to dance this track is really good and I'm glad they used it as their title track. The verses aren't very strong but the chorus is really strong and it puts a twist on usual k-pop songs while still remaining like the norm. The raps are paticularly weak but ChanMi's high notes make up for it. Their lives are flawless with perfect dancing (ChanMi, Eunkyo amazing!!) and on point vocals with no sign of being out of breath what so ever. The two part MV was pretty dang cool and the storyline was quite enjoyable. Although ChanMi may not be the best actress having a feature like Jay Park and then the art of Eunkyo's acting skills really enhanced this MV.

Song: 3/5
MV: 5/5
Live: 4/5

2. Lip Stain

Lip Stain is a smooth and energetic track with a fierce intro. The verse is really sweet and calm but it still keeps you on your feet. The chorus is repetitive in a good way because it isn't annoying it just sounds cool. The bridge is reallly nice and SuMi sounds really good. ChanMi's adlib in this song is good although it isn't one of her best since it's very calm fitting of the style of this song. The MV was the first part of a two part MV and it was very interesting and suspensful. The live was well done too.

Song: 4/5
Live: 4/5
MV: 4/5

3. Trickle (Zurururururu)

This song is more on the annoying side but the unexpected and slightly out of place rap parts keep you from going crazy. The good part about this song is that the beat isn't too wild. This song isn't really a dance song but since it's an upbeat song, you could probably come up with something. Like most songs on this album it doesn't really sound amazing but isn't horrible either.

Song: 2/5

4. Good For You

This is the only song on this album that takes you to music heaven. The beat is strong but not hectic. The singing is on point. The raps from the first verse to the last verse all sound good and they are accompanyed with singing at just the right parts. The part where they say 'you can't take me down now' sounds so cool too lol. The lyrics go perfectly with the feeling of this song as she yells at her boyfriend 'good for you' after hurting her. This song may not have perfect english but it is a fierce song with a hip-pop feeling, good lyrics and fabulous potrayl. Good Job!

Song: 5/5

5. Wait Right There

This song is upbeat. The singing is good in this song too and it's a really cute track. This song just makes you wanna tap your toes it's so cute. It sounds like a mixture of pop and jazz to me and you could probably do 'the swing' to the verses and choruses excluding the beginning of the rap lol. Very nice and flawless track.

Song: 5/5

Music Overall:

"I Mean You" Overall:

LipStains: 12/15

Note: This is a good album and I would reccomend to anybody who doesn't like ballads but can deal with some relatively calm tracks. The tracklist is short but it's worth it because of the amazing quality and cute photobook. Good job 5DOLLS and Core Contents Media!!

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