Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Performers "2011 Incheon Korean Music Wave Festial"

The 2011 Incheon Music Wave Concert was just held and it was amazing! Some performers were kind of dry some I didn't even take the time to watch but their were so many that were really good. First I'll list the performances I actually watched then the ones I like out of that list!

Miss A
Girls Generation

Now for the performances that were really good!

SISTAR has already completed all their comeback stages but this special concert performance was really rocking! They were amazing even though Hyorin messed up quite a few times she covered it up with her outstanding vocals and powerful dancing so Congratulations SISTAR YOU MADE THE LIST!


F(x) has performed this song so many times you would think the crowd would be sick of it and they kept the screams coming especially for Sulli and Amber! The girls really brung it like usual their dancing was in sync their singing was on point and they were just great! F(x) really owned the stage!


I've never been a die hard 2PM fan I just thought they were mediocre  and honestly not that talented! Now though I've come to realize! That they are awesome, they seem like they are really having fun partying and playing around while owning the stage and the whole concert!

I would also like to give Miss A an honorable mention award because they are so like owning Music Programs with that awesome song Good Bye Baby. Every performance they do is litterally making my Best Performance ever list!

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