Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Sang It Better?!

Today's edition of "Who Sang It Better" feautures two members in the most popular girl grups in Korea!! Today the battle is between Dara and Yuri!!! May the best win!

Let's start with Dara's redention of the 2005 hit Get Right by Jennifer Lopez! (One of my fav songs just to add)!

(Dara starts her performance at 0:55)
I Think this was a nice performance because it showcased Dara's good english pronuncation and it flatters her not so amazing voice! It also allows for Dara to freestyle and just have a good time!

On the other hand, this performance gives Yuri to show off her clean and polished dancing skills as well as her obvious swagger, charisma and over all confidence.

Both performances are in their own right amazing but now it's time for you to decide. Is it the funky fresh redention by Dara or the sexy and polished performance by Yuri?!

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