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Top 20 Girl Groups Part 2

This morning I uploaded Part 1 and now it's time to upload Part 2! I hope you guys like it!


KARA debuted in March of 2007 and became a popular group! When Kara debuted there was only 4 members but one member left and they added 2 new girls as replacements! Basically Kara's whole career there has been five members so they are very close. Kara has always been competers with WG and SNSD but they were still quite popular!  They kept releasing albums and eventually they became one of the biggest groups in SK. Kara is mostly know for their looks because they are considered a group of only pretty girls so they naturally have another way to be compared to SNSD. Still Kara has been able to hold their own in Korea and globally! Kara has become quite popular in Japan and has set many records in the industry for foreign artists. Kara has also become quite popular globally since the Japanese remake of one of their Korean songs has reached over a million views on Youtube.

Debut Performance of 5 member KARA:

Pretty Girl

KARA has released 7 title tracks thus far in their entire career:

Break It
Pretty Girl

Kara has released 4 singles in Japan:

Jet Coaster Love
Go Go Summer



7. Davichi

Davichi debuted in 2008 and they are a duo. Davichi is under Core Contents Media. Davichi is a vocal group. Inm they're debtut year they won every female artist rookie award that was available. Their debut song even managed to beat out Big Bang and Lee Hyori. Davichi is basically none for their amazing vocals but both of the members are also active actresses. Davichi is not as famous globally as other groups and they have yet to make a andvancement into Japan but they're quite popular in SK. Davichi is quite popular in the Korean Drama OST world as well. I know this because they sing one of my litteral top 10 songs of all time for the ost of one om favorite dramas of all time. Not to mention that song is also one of the few songs my mom likes that was released in the kpop industry. She even knows some of the lyrics (shocking Ikr right?).

Performance of their debut track (i couldn't find one with HD of their first track):

Love & War

Davichi has released

Love & War
My Man
Time Please Stop


Lee HaeRi
Kang Min-Kyung

8. Rainbow

Rainbow debuted in 2009 and was not very succesful since even after debut the remained in the shadow of their extremely popular labelmates KARA. Now though Rainbow has establish their own name and are becoming quite popular. Last year Kara debuted in Japan so naturally people expected Rainbow's Japanese debut to be coming soon but it didn't happen. I'm guessing Rainbow wanted to create a stronger fanbase at home before they moved to Japan and that they did. Rainbow is becoming more and more popular in SK and so they've decided to enter the Japanese market and it's already been stated that Rainbow is going to be the next leader in the Hallyu wave. I'm sure Rainbow will be quite succesful in the years to come whether it's Japan, Korea, or Brazil.

Debut Stage:

Gossip Girl

Rainbow has released 5 title tracks:

Gossip Girl
To Me
Sweet Dreams


Yoon Hye
Hyun Young


SECRET debuted in 09 and have been taking Asia by storm since. Secret's first single didn't do so well but they didn't let that stop them. They released something else not long after and it was a instant hit. Their 3rd single was popular as well but it was 4th and 5th singles that really put them on the map. SECRET are now considered one of the top girl groups in the industry! Secret started off living in a basement and now they are living in a apartement that they can call their own. SECRET  is determined to become the best which they 've proved through their recent Japanese advancement. Their popularity really came to light as well with they're song to have yet been released and they are already reciening much love!!!

Debut Performance:

"I Want You Back"

SECRET has released 5 title tracks thus far:
"I Want You Back"
"Shy Boy"
"Starlight Moonlight"

SECRET members include:

Ji Eun

10. F(x)

F(x) is a kpop dance group that has had a long struggle for success but has finally achieived it. They debuted in 09 and even though they were higly anticipated since they were from SME and slapped with the label 'girl version of SHINEE' theyw eren't very succesful. They released many singles but didn't really reach success until 2011 when they became one of the best girl groups ever. F(x) main problem is that many of their songs are bought from other artists and just resung with korean lyrics. It's unfortunate that they do that, but it usually sounds even better when they match their amazing choreography and good singing skills.

Debut Performance:

F(x) has released 6 title tracks:

Mr. Boogie
Hot Summer

F(x) has 5 members:


All done! Soon I'm going to post about the rest of the groups!! Uuugh making these TOp 10 things is so hard!!! and Boring....

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