Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Sang It Better?!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be posting comparisons of different  kpop artists covering the same song and then maybe I could get the opinion of my readers through the comments to see who you guys think did better! So here we go!!!

Today's edition of "Who Sang it Better" features the covers of the classic R&B hit "Stand Up for Love" by Destiny"s Child!!

First up is Chan Mi of 5Dolls and Co-Ed School! She covers this song live on Sukira Radio!

That was amazing, now let's see someone else taking a wack at this powerful song!

Next up is Park Bom of 2NE1 singing the same song live in 2006 at Big Bang's first showcase!

Woo well that was very soulfull and moving let's see who else can take you readers breath away! shall we?!

Next up is RANIA performing live at their debut showcase!

Very good job, that cover really showcased their amazing vocals!!

Now we have a collabaration cover between Davichi, Wonder Girls Sun Ye, and Girld Generation Taeyeon!

Just beautiful Lee Haeri and SunYe really owed this performance! Taeyeona nd Min Kyung did amazing as well!

Next is Hyorin & Soyu of SISTAR performing this same track at Starry Night Radio!!

Just beautiful that high note that they sung together was beautiful, perfect harmony!!

All of these performers did beautifully and I hope you guys will comment un-biased! hehe

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