Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Irritating Double Standard with Kpop Fans

Lately, I've noticed that a lot of kpop fans always blame the wrong people in the kpop world and they change opinion really quickly I'm going to use some examples of how and when this happens. Many fans also like to criticize fans for the same things they do which is very hypocritical and I wanted to shed some light on these matters and some other ones.

I'd like to use a obvious example with how fans change their opinions so often and at stupid times. For Example, HyoRin of Sistar. Hyorin was one of the underrated members of SISTAR from the time they debuted and not many said anything about it except for a few un-bias fans. Certain fans would say that Hyorin was an amazing vocalist (like myself) and that people should respect her more for her vocals. Now all of a sudden Hyorin is becoming extremely popular and people want to say that she's over-rated (not me). I don't care that Hyorin is becoming more popular at the end of the day she's still an amazing vocalist and I still think whether other people like her or not that doesn't mean I'm going to start hating all of a sudden. Now people want to say that Soyu is just as good a vocalist and she should be getting more attention. Soyu is an amazing vocalist I'll give her that but the reason Hyorin is being recgonized is because she's the lead vocalist and Starship s promoting Hyorin more. Hyorin is alot more popular because she's confident and she has really good stage prescence and she's a good dancer which is why she's recieving the title 'Korean Beyonce". Now on the other side, there's me the one who loved Hyorin from the start and loved Soyu from the start and still loves them both but I have to recgonize that Hyorin is better become she has the 'whole package' that artist's must poccess and Soyu doesn't have it although she's still very good.

Now let's go to one of the more sensitive topics( yea I'm going there all you Hottest & JayWalkerz).  The issue of members of different groups leaving their group and company to pursue an education or an career as an solo artist will be considered now. We all know that being a kpop artist is not the easiest thing in the world so we all aware that even though these artists love being stars sometimes they can't anymore and try to pursue other things. Still it's hard for most fans but why do they take out on the wrong people. For Example when Jay Park left 2PM certain Hottest were coming up with wacky stories that carried on into Sunmi of WG's withdraw. Since the fans were upset they took it out on Sun Mi saying that she seduced Jay and got pregnant so they had to withdraw from their respective groups to get married and raise the baby. That was probably the most outrageous story I had ever heard and even though were just trying to cope it was unneccesary and hurt all the wrong people.

We all know that kpop fans are very bias and will go as far as sayign every other group is crap just to prove that their group is the stuff. I'm going to use example that everyone is pretty familiar with so people can get what I'm trying to say. I'm talking about the comparisons between SNSD, 2NE1, F(X) etc. Now everyone knows that 2NE1 is SNSD's basic competition this deep in the game with WG in the US  and not many other groups reaching that amount of success. Still that doesn't mean that you have to insult other group because you dislike the competition. For Example, I like SNSD and 2NE1 very much but I was quite frankly dissapointed with their latest single "I Am The Best". That doesn't mean I'm going to go around saying 2NE1  sucks butt and SNSD kicks but because that's not true. Every group has it's own advantages and disadvantages and that does not necessarily mean they are inferior or superior to someone else. For Example, I think SNSD are stronger vocalists and they will be more succesful in Japan then 2NE1. On the other hand though I think 2NE1 would do better in the US and 2NE1 has more swagger! at the end of the day though I think they're both amazing. People criticize 2NE1 because they are a girl-version of Big Bang but let's not forget that F(x) is a girl version of SHINEE and SNSD is a girl version of Super Junior and they were all introduced to the music industry in that light. So why are people differently to one. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I totally get that you may like SNSD and dislike 2NE1 or like F(x) and dislike 2NE1 but that does not give anyone the right to insult another artist or just plain out attack them. It's wrong and it's a total double standard. It's also damaging the name of fans everywhere who may be a SONE  or Blackjack or SHAWOL but they would never say things that could hurt another fan or artist they may not particullary like.

Now for the example I've been really wanting to shed a light on that is similar to Hyorins.  IU is a artist and she has been out since 2008 and she has amazing vocals and she has tryed many concepts in her career until she became secure with one that worked for her and boosted her popularity. When IU wasn't as popular as she is now I recgonized that she was talented and I hoped for the day when people would appreciate her talent. When that day finally came in late 2010 I realized that so many people were becoming a fan too and I was very happy! Fast forward to mid 2011 and you'll see a bunch of people that use to root for IU saying she's over-rated and that one 3octave note does not make you amazing. Well although that statement may make sense to some people to me it's a bunch of bull. For one a three octave note is not easy to do at all and doing one live is not a peace of cake either that's why I think it's wrong for people to turn on her because her name is out there now. Now I'm not going to sit here and type this post and pretend like I've never said something wrong about another group or change my mind about an artist if they start to change musically or whatever because that would be a lie. I make mistakes we all do, were not perfect and neither are those artists who let's not forget are human as well. They have feelings they can get hurt and everyday a so-called fan probably hurts an artist's feelings because they're human. That still does not make up for deliberate insults.

* That's it but at this rate I'll be making another post regarding this issue very soon! let's not forget that there is a limit in everything.

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