Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 20 KPOP Songs of All Time (My Opinion)

Let's go!! Music Start...

1. This Fool by Wonder Girls "The Wonder Years"

2.  Perhaps Love  by Howl & J from the "Goong OST"

3. We Belong Together by Big Bang from "The First Single Album"

4. Ma Boy SISTAR19

5.  My Name by BoA

6. Hot Stuff Davichi

7. Bad Girl Good Girl Miss A from "Bad But Good"

8. Do You Know by Someday from the "Boys Before Flowers OST"

9. Pretty Boy 2NE1

10. Only You by Wild Rose Thorn from the "Hello My Teacher OST" (Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy OST)

11. You & I by Park Bom from "To Anyone"

12. Good Day by IU from "Real" (she sings the 3octave note live in this vid)

13. No.1 by BoA from "Vol.2 No.1"

14. Shady Girl by SISTAR from "The 2nd Single Album"

15. Mister by Kara from "Revolution"

16. Supa Dupa diva by Dal Shabet

17. 0330 by U-KISS from "Bran New Kiss"

18. I'm Short and Not Pretty by Bebe Mignon

19. Oh Yeah by GD&TOP feat. Park Bom of 2NE1 (but I put the live ver with the whole 2NE1 cause it's so cool)

20. The Story Only I Didn't Know by IU from "Real+"

21. Run Devil Run by Girls Generation from "2nd Repackaged Album"

22. Pit-a-Pat by Sunny Hill from "Greatest Love OST"

23. Cafe by Big Bang

24. Wishing On A Star by Wonder Girls

25. I Don't Know by A Pink from "Seven Springs of A Pink"

\That's it let's see how this list will change throughout the rest of the year!

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