Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Eye Smiles?!

There are many ongoing trends but one of the ones that held out for years is 'eye smiles'. They can look like the cutest thing or stupidest thing depending on the person. Let's look at some of my picks of people who have the 'perfect' eye smile! Let's see...

Hyosung of SECRET

Although Hyosung is already quite pretty her eye smile is just gorgeous. It's for sure one of the best if not the best eye smile!

Nicole of KARA

Although Nicole's is not as gorgeous as Hyosung's she still has a pretty one and I think she looks better when she smiles lightly like in the above picture. That way doesn't look forced! Nicole isn't the only one with a eye smile in KARA so we'll check the other member next!

Jiyul of Dal Shabet

Although Jiyul is one of the more unknown members of her group she is my fav and I think her smile is so cute! even when she doesn't fully smile her eye smile is evident! The above picture is a good example of a sweet smile with a light wink that doesn't looked forced at all. Jiyul looks so pretty right there!

Minah of Girl's Day
Minah usually gives a little bit to much of an aegyo overload but I believe that in this picture she really looks pretty. Minah smiles in just about all of her pictures so she already looks adorable because of her eye smile that's why I think when she trys to be too cute it just looks wierd. in pictures like this she looks natural and adorable!

Suengyeon of Kara

Seungyeon had the best smile in all of Kara not just 'eye smile' but smile in general. She has gorgeous teeth which make her smile so bright and she has big eyes with 'dogkbogi' (lol) under them it looks so sweet and pretty. I would love to have a smile like that! That's probably why she hardly ever stops smiling! So adoable!

IU (Lee Ji Eun)

IU has a relatively thin face but she still has a little bit of fat in her cheeks so when she smiles it looks very pleasent and her clear mily skin to match makes her look like she hasn't gotten older at all almost as if she's still 15 when she debuted!

Sohyun of 4Minute
Sohyun has a sharp nose and cheek bones that are partnered with big eyes that come together and look amazing! she's really pretty and I think she looks better when she smiles! Too bad 4Minutes concept is chi, and sexy so she doesn't get too smile much!

Bom of 2NE1

Bom resembles Seungyeon and Sohyun as far as eyes but the things that makes her differ is her nose, Bom has a pretty nose but her eyes are her best feature they really pop..It seems like her eyes make her look adorable all the time! hehe she's so pretty! eve whe she's making a serious face.

Taeyang has such a pretty smile! O how I love him..he is forever my crush (I haven't forgot about you TOP lol)! That teddy bear is nowhere near as a cute as Taeyang!


Sunny is so pretty. Even though some pretty don't think Sunny is pretty...I really do think she is pretty and definetley one of the prettier members of So Nyui Shi Dae! She is the queen of aegyo and her eye smile is quite perfect! Her wink is cute too!

Sulli of F(x)

Sulli has a really pretty smile and it suits her long face and slender eyes. She for sure has some of the prettiest eyes I'v ever seen!


Really what is their to say I'm speechless! just amazing!

*Really though I'm running out of stuff to say about all of these smiles! Don't they all kind of look similar! lol That's a wrap!!

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