Monday, July 11, 2011

"Who Sang It Better"

Today's edition of "Who Sang It Better" features multiple artist performing beautiful song "Slow Motion" by Karina Pasian! This is a  beautiful song and personally one of my favorite songs so I'm glad to be making a post on artists who have covered this song!!!

First is a cover live cover by Tom Tom & IU

That was so beautiful and the english pronunciation was very nice!

Next is Jo Kwon of 2AM with his short but moving redention of the meaningful song!

Jo Kwon's version featured amazing singing and emotions but the pronunciation was his downfall...

Now we have Ji Eun of Secret!

Ji Eun did an amazing job and this song really showcases her vocals!

Last but not least we have Ben of Bebe Mignon!

Ben does the best at this song in my opinion but they all did good! Ben's emotional singing, partnered with her beautiful voice and perfect pronunciation really made her cover a stand out amongst the crowd!!

Look forward to another "Who Sang It Better" really soon!!

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