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K-Pop Group Members That Could Be Succesful Solo

Not every group is grea in it's own way but some of them have really amazing members who don't get show enough love or just would be better by themselves. Some groups are good and popular but they have members that just are better in  my opinion and they have a lot of potential to be succesful by themselves! F(x) Luna

Luna is my bias in F(x) and even though she is probably the lesat popular member, I honestly think she's amazing! Luna is pretty, good at dancing, and she has an amazing voice! Whenever SM TOWN does dance breaks I hope she is in it because she's great at dancing! I know everyone says Victoria is the best dancer but she's just flexible. That doesn't mean she's an amazing dancer! Luna is also good at singing. Whenever Luna sings solo I am impressed and although her English isn't that good, when she covers Korean songs she's amazing! She's also pretty, people don't notice how pretty she is because Krystal and Sulli ae in the group and they are both visiually pretty but Luna is also pretty! She also has a good figure although people make fun of her muscular legs she really has a good figure. Luna's obvious ability to go solo is evident in many of her solo performances or duo performances with other artists where she owns the stage!

Luna performing Atlantis Princess by BoA
Luna & Hyosung performing "Only Girl In The World"

Secret Hyosung

Hyosung of SECRET is the oldest in SECRET and she's one of the more popular members of the group. Hyosung just like Luna is pretty, a good dancer and she sings well! Hyosung is very pretty in my opinion because her 'eye smile' is so beautiful it just makes you want to smile! Her dancing skills are the best in the group and she is able to master a lot of different concepts. She mastered the hip-pop concept with her debut and then she became charismatic with her second single. then she took sexy to a whole nother level with her groups third single! Her fourth single showed her mastering of the adorable concept that went perfectly with her beautiful 'eye smile'. Her latest concept is still the cute concept but she's doung wonderful at it still. Hyosung is an amazing dancer and I would love to see her in a dance collabaration group among other kpop dancers. Her vocals are second best in her group and her charisma is overflowing which I infer that she would be able to take the solo artist world by storm!

Hyosung & Ji Eun of Secret performing "I Go Crazy Because Of You" by T-ARA

CL is amazing and although she is not my bias in 2NE1 I have to admit she's awesome! CL is the second best female rapper I've heard in K-Pop (#1 Tasha). Not to mention she can sing and dance. She has a really nice singing voice and she's an awesome dancer. Whenever she dances her moves are clean and they don't look sloppy, When she raps it sounds full of swag and she sounds confident. CL is also fluent in four languages which gives her a international advantage since English is one of the languages she's fluent in. CL is also a fashionista with every thing she wears becoming a trend! Her style is very wild but she makes everything she wears look cool. I really think CL would be a succesful solo artist!


Yuri Girls Generation

Yuri has everything that a solo artist should possess and that's why I think she would do well. Yuri is one of the least popular members of SNSD but I think she's one of the best. Yuri is a amazing dancer and singer and she's really pretty and has one of the best figures in the industry. I think Yuri has potential to be the next Lee Hyori. Yuri has some of the best stage prescence I've ever seen whenever she performs solo she exudes confidence!
Yuri is one of the sexiest singers in the industry and I could see her having plenty of guy fans as well as girl fans that love her but are jealous because they wished they looked like her like myself lol. Yuri is amazing and I know if she went solo she would do great!!

Yuri performing "Get Right" by Jennifer Lopez

Chanmi is the main and lead vocalist mix gender group CO-ED and she is also the lead vocalist of sub unit girl group 5Dolls. Chan Mi has been praised for her amazing vocal talent and exceptional dancing skills in respective groups. Chanmi has also been recgonized for her past as an SME trainee where she trained for the group SNSD. Although Chan Mi went down a different road she is recgonized for her exceptional talent. Some even consider Chan Mi the strongest member of 5Dolls and Co-Ed. some even going as far as stating that her groups would be nothing without her and she is the only one with real talent.  I personally think that Co-Ed and 5Dolls are amazing groups but she is the strongest member in both groups. In every song that her groups release her voice stands out and in every music video she plays the role perfectly. her live performances are also worthy of praise. She was even able to keep up with her sunbae's in their collaboration performance for 5Dolls debut track.
Chan Mi singing "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera
Chan Mi singing "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child

 Bom is the lead vocalist of 2NE1 and she has released 2 solo tracks since her official debut with 2NE1. Bom is praised by her fans, critics, and music professionals for her unique vocals. Both of Bom's solo singles "You & I" and "Don't Cry" acquired a 'Perfect All-Kill" on real time charts. Most of Bom's singles aren't originally planned for live performances because Bom has severe problems with her lymph nodes. Most fans persuade the company through mass purchases though and she usually performs. Even with her lymphh nodes problems beautiful voice usually shines through! Some people think Bom does not have potential as a solo artist because she doesn't not have stage prescense. But I couln't disagree more, Bom lights up the stage whenever she performs it's just that with CL in the group she sometimes can't hold her own but when she's by herself she owns the stage and really works the stage like the pro she is.

Park Bom singing "Never Gonna Let You Go" by Faith Evans dig her trainee years!
Bom singing "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child" at Big bang's Showcase in 2006!

Hyorin is the lead-vocalist of SISTAR and SISTAR19 and has just recently earned the title "Korean Beyonce". Hyorin was already being praised all over the world for her outstandig vocal talent but they have finally been put under the light with her role on singing variety show "Immortal Song 2". Hyorin has covered songs like "Mini Skirt" by Min Hae Kyung and "Memories" by Yoon Mi Rae. In the first 5 episodes of the show she won #1 2/5 times. Hyorin has covered songs like "Single Ladies" and "Freakum Dress" by Beyonce, "Love Is You" by Chrisette Michelle, as well as "Ain't No Other Man" and "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera. She also sang "Bug A Boo" and "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child with her bandmates. She's also freestyled to songs like "Love & Sexy, Magic" by Justin Timberlake & Ciara. I believe Hyorin's amazing dancing, and singing skills would make her one of the most succesful singer in kpop if she chose to go solo.

Hyorin dancing with Super Junior's Donghae at a Variety Show special in Pattaya, Thailand!

Hyorin singing "Mini Skirt" by Min Hae Kyung on "Immortal Song 2"!!

JiYoon of 4MINUTE

Ji Yoon  is in my opininon the strongest member of 4Minute, and she's very charasmatic as well. Ji Yoon is the rapper and main vocalist of her group and she's in my opinion the strongest dancer. Ji Yoon has everything a solo artist needs in kpop; charisma, singing ability, rapping skills, and a gorgeous face and figure! Ji Yoon has been praised by the PD of "Immortal song 2" for being a ;hidden gem; in 4Minute. Since is one of the more underrated members of her group he reffered to her as a hidden gem because of her exceptional talent. Their are a lot of group members who remind me of BoA and JiYoon is one of them. From her singing to her dancing she's amazing! All though she's not popular in her group, I think as a solo singer she would recieve a lot of praise.

Ji Yoon of 4Minute singing "My Name" by BoA

Ji Yoon singing "Firework" by Katy Perry

Ben is in a vocal girl group called Bebe Mignon, and they are the female version of 4Men! She is the lead vocalist of her group and my favorite. Being the female version of 4Men they have very emotinal vocals that match perfectly with their sad ballad songs. Bens vocal's are honestly amazing and they really stand out not only in her group but in the music industry. She is 38kg and 5 feet of amazing talent. Her voice sounds amazing and when I first heard her sing (no joke) I cryed like a big baby. Her voice is so beautiful and moving and every note she hits is beautiful! i thinks she has potential and enough talent to be the next Gummy, or Lim Jeong Hee or any other succesful solo vocalist for that matter!

Ben of Bebe Mignon singing "Slow Motion" by Karina Pasian

Ben singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys
(the sound will get better in a sec)

Eunjung is a rapper and vocalist in girl group T-ARA. Eunjung is one of the most popular members in her group. Eunjung's vocals are soft and pretty but her rapping voice is raspy and charming. She also quite known for her praise-worthy acting skills that she displayed in  hit dramas like "Coffee House" and "Dream High". She has been praised multiple times for her charismatic rapping skills and her ability to take over the stage. In many T-ARA performances the other members may be singing and dancing but Eunjung owns the stage which Is why I concluded that she had much potential to begin solo activities!

Eunjung singing "Heart Damage" by Navi in "Dream High"

Eunjung singing 'Bad Girl Good Girl" by Miss A in "Dream High"

Look forward to some more artists in a new updated list really soon! I hope you liked this article!

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