Friday, July 29, 2011

Future Kpop Takeover Artists

Everyone knows that there has been a overload of debuts since 2009 and although some are already popular (ex. 2NE1, 4Minute, T-ARA etc.), there's still so many groups not even at the height of their fame. Let's list some of the ones who appear to be the next dominators and consider some who seem like they have long way to go.

One of the more obvious takeover artists is for sure A Pink! They're from a already established company that already houses really succesful artists (G.NA, 4Minute, and B2ST). Their success is kinda already set out! They have everything that succesful group must possess from the looks to the variety skill to dancing alway to the beautiful voice. On top of that their company has the money to make them a hit with famous producers and money for the latest fashion and hairstlyle trends! All their debut might not have been crazy explosive it was pretty seccesful since their song made it into the Inkigayo Take 7 for weeks! Plus it's rare that a group starts off too succesful. They usually get succesful a couple releases later. It may have took the Wonder Girls one release but it took senseations SNSD and Big Bang two years to reach the heights of their success! Look at T-ARA, SISTAR and 4MINUTE, KARA, SECRET Rainbow it took them how many releases to become chart topping artists! I honestly believe that A Pink will soon become the next SNSD. Although I do not agree they are cardoard copies they are for sure soon to be just as succesful as their seniors just give them a few years!

Debut Stage:

I think Block B is another artist with popular right around the corner. Block B's debut was amazing and perfectly  planned it seemed to have much effort in it.Block B is a true hip-pop group and they are the definiton of swagga not swagger but some serious swagga! I honestly think they are going to be the next Big Bang! Big Bang started off slow but now Big Bang is the (agruably) biggest boy group in Korea heck even Asia!! Block B is for sure going to be very succesful and I can see them following similar steps to their senior in the future. Just like how YG let's BB be their own persons by letting them working on their individual carrers while still having freedom in their group careers. Each member of this group has their colors and I believe they are going to be very succesful even their having a slow debut but BB did too I'm not giving up faith!

Now we have the Brave Girls. Right Now Brave Girlsare making very little waves in the music industry but they are doing very well as Models and stuff. Brave Girls in my opinion are going to be the next WG they have everything WG during debut. First the leader and lead vocalist who is pretty and is kinda the star right now as far as the front man in their performances and stuff (Sun Ye). Then you have the main vocalist who is also very talented and pretty (Ye Eun). Then you have the most popular one who's pretty but kinda has role as a vocalist the group she's just a sub vocalist (Sohee). Then you have the rapper who is sexy full of charisma and a awesome rapper just like Yubin, she litterally makes all their songs just like Yubin did. The last member is kinda just there but whatever. Honestly she's nothing like SunMi because she doesn't get that many lines and she's not that pretty but she's similar to Sun Mi cause she's ultra skinny! Oh Yeah and the leader always is the only one wearing pants who does that remind you of lol. Their outfits too Pants, Capris, Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses it's assigned member just like WG's Irony debut! BG is pretty, talented, and they have musical geniuses Brave Brothers backing them I think they have a lot of potential!!

I have a bunch more to list but my Korean Drama is about to come on so I'm finish with this post for today! I will make another post on this topic tomorrow because I don't feel like editing this one. Look forward to my next post! Don't forget to check my Youtube guys.

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