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Top 10 Girl Groups Part 1

Girl groups have been debuting left and right but they're are still a few groups who have been able to remain amazing in the eyes of many including my own throughout the years. Those groups are what I consider my Top 10 Girl Groups!

* These are all my own opinion and I hope that readers will respect it and still let me know and other readers they're favorite groups through the comment section!

1. Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls debuted in Feburary 2007 and they have been taking the world by storm since then! The Wonder Girls are from JYP Entertainment one of the top 3 Entertainment Companies in SK. The Wonder Girls have had a fruitful career in Korea and they even made a debut in the U.S. where they made records on Billboard charts and gained a world tour with the JB in 09. WG is currently preparing for an American and Korean comeback and they are working with some of the best producers in the biz. WG has unfortunately had two loses in members in recent years, Sun Mi who departed just before the release of 2DT in Feb. of 2010. Hyuna left in 2007 in the midst of debut. Hyuna was replaced by Yubin now one of the most popular members of WG. Sun Mi was replaced by Hye Lim who is not extremely popular and has experienced a lot of resentment from kpop and WG fans alike but has overcome it. WG has over 2 million views on every MV they have uploaded and their US single has over 22,000,000 views.

Debut Performance:


The Wonder Girls has released 5 title tracks in total since their debut including:

Tell Me
So Hot
2 Different Tears

SoHee (Vocalist)
Yubin ( Rapper)
Sun Ye (Main Vocalist)
Lead Vocalist: Ye Eun (Yenny)
(Vocalist) Hye Lim

Sun Mi (Mimi)

 2. 2NE1

2NE1 debuted in 2009 and they have been taking over the global music and fashion industry ever since debut. 2NE1 is a popular girl group from YG Entertainment one of the top 3 entertainment companies in SK and they are considered the girl version of Big Bang. 2NE1 shot to the top extremely fast and was able to grab just about every relevant rookie award in all of the year end award shows in 09. 2NE1 instantly became a main group in the girl group battle but they stood out among every one else and have been able to earn the title baddest (in a good way) girl group in kpop. 2NE1 is also one of the biggest fashion icons in South Korea and they are respected worldwide for their fashion sense. 2NE1 has really proven to be the girl Big bang and they are at the top of their game with few set backs since their debut. 2NE1 is currently preparing for their Japanese and American debuts. 2NE1 is quite the global group because their official YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers. Every music video they upload gets at least over 5,000,000 views and usually becomes one of the Top Favorited and Most Popular videos on all of YouTube on the day of release. they are also currently working with Will.I.Am on the album for their American advancement and their main producer Teddy was once approached by Lady Gaga to work with her!

Debut Performance:


2NE1 have released 8 title tracks since their 09 debut...

I Don't Care
Try To Copy Me
Clap Your Hands
Go Away
Can't Nobody
It Hurts

and they are in the midst of the releases of their latest mini album, they have alsoo released a few solo tracks amongst the members!

You & I - Park Bom
Kiss- Dara ft. CL
Please Don't Go- CL & Minzy
Don't Cry Park Bom

Park Sandara (Vocalist)
Park Bom (Lead Vocalist)
Rapper, Leader, Vocalist : CL (Lee Chae Lin)
Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer: Minzy (Gong Minji)

3. 4Minute

4Minute debuted in 2009 as well and although they're success was a little bit harder to attain they are now at the top of their game and considered one of the best girl groups in kpop. 4Minute is from Cube Entertainment which is steadily becoming one of the best entertainment companies in South Korea. When 4Minute debuted they recieved attention for being under the sister label to JYP and for also having a member who was in another group previously. The rapper of 4Minute Hyuna use to be in WG and was their rapper as well. Still though they weren't extremely succesful even after their debut single. Soon after though in late 09 they released a their next single and they shot to success. Ever since they have been one of the represantitive girl groups of South Korea. 4Minute has been faced with much controversy since debut since their music sometimes includes sexually suggestive lyrics and their main stage style feautures much sex appeal. 4minute is quite respectable even partnering with american singer Amerie for a korean showcase. Each one of 4Minutes videos has reached over 1,000,000 views on youtube each. They have also acquired a succesful career in Japan over the last year.

Debut Performance:

Hot Issue

4Minute has released 7 title tracks since debut and they have released 2 mini albums and 1 full-length album including:

Hot Issue
What A Girl Wants
I My Me Mine
Heart to Heart
Mirror Mirror


For Muzik
Hit Your Heart
4Minutes Left

Ga Yoon (Lead Vocalist)
Ji Yoon (Main Vocalist, Rapper)
Soo Hyun (Rapper, Vocalist)
JiHyun (Leader, Vocalist)
Hyuna (Rapper)

4. Girls Generation (SNSD)

SNSD debuted in August of 2007 and soon after became arguably the biggest girl group in Asia.  SNSD is from SM Entertainment the biggest entertainment company in South Korea! SNSD was considered the girl version of their labelmate Super Junior in the music biz until 09 came and they outshined just about all their labelmates and became one of the if not the biggest artists in their entertainment company. SNSD is quite popular globally as well and I base that statement on the fact that one of their MV's has over 44,000,000 views on youtube and is climbing everyday. Most of So Nyui Shi Dae's other videos all have over 10,000,000 videos with some reaching 22 million. SNSD is a very versatile group and they have experimented with many different styles as far as their music is concerned. They've done concepts like sexy, adorable, refreshingly sweet,  the james bond look, annoyingly adorable and then the infamous black soshi! SNSD has also grown quite popular in Japan over the past year since they released the japanese remakes of many of their hit tracks.

Debut Performance:

Into The New World

Girls Generation has released 9 singles thus far:

Into The New World
Girls Generation
Kissing You
Baby Baby
Run Devil Run


Japanese Singles:

Run Devil Run
Mr. Taxi




Sistar hasn't been in the industry very long but they are already taking South Korea by storm. Sistar  debuted in June of 2010 and they are technically still rookies but because they've improved so much in such a short time they are becoming more and more respectable in the industry. Sistar's first two singles, were not extremely popular but they're third single was the perfect single to shoot them to success! sistar is not only famous as a group but they are individually quite famous as well. For Example Bora's stage fall back in September made it's way alway to German tV. bora is also considered an athletic celebrity because she's flexible, fit and she always wins in the female divisions on celebrity olympic specials! Hyorin is also quite popular because of her powerful voice. She is now being considered the Korean Beyonce because of her incredible performances on "Immortal Song 2' and her amazing redention of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Dasom has also been recieving attention for her charming and beautiful no-makeup face which she showed on TV.  Soyu is quite popular as well since she's a 'bagel girl' which is a korean term that they give people who have a pretty baby- face but a glamorous body (other bagel girls include G.NA, Shin Se Kyung and more) Sistar has established quite some fandom with their 3rd single reaching over a million views on Youtube. Sistar even got to perform at a concert in LA. Sistar also has a sub-unit called Sistar19 and it's quite popular as a matter of fact even though they've only released one Digital Single. The single even has over 2 million views on their companies ofificial Youtube. Sistar also does a pretty good redentions of Christina Aguilera songs!

Debut Performance:

Here We Come + Push Push

SISTAR has released 3 title tracks since their debut:

Push Push
Shady Girl
How Dare You

SISTAR's sub-unit SISTAR19 has released one single thus far:

Ma Boy


Leader, Lead Vocalist: Hyorin
Main Vocalist: Soyu
Vocalist: Dasom
Rapper: Bora

That's it for the Top 5 so look forward to Part 2 but I just have a little more to say. I have bought a few albums off of Yesasia.com and I was just list the ones I got that are from these artists as a little preview for the reviews I will do for them!

2NE1 "To Anyone" 1st Album (that album has some amazing quality)
Girls Generation "Hoot" the 3rd Mini-Album
Sistar "How Dare You" 3rd Single Album
"4Minutes Left" 1st Full-Length Album

Look forward to Part 2 of my Top 10 Girl Groups Article!

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