Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Hot Summer F(x)

Hot Summer is F(x) latest track and certainly is quite hot among fans right now. I am personally in love with the song and it is for sure a favorite this summer! I was shocked from the moment I heard the first verse because at first the song felt like it was going to go the same route that "Danger ({Pinocchio)" went but it shockingly didn't. The introduction in the beginning of the song is good but it isn't as good as Danger despite the obvious similarities. Once the first verse starts though it sounds like it's about to get me up off my feet to start dancing but two seconds later it cools down for some reason. The beat stays intense but the singing starts to become more light and the flow of the lyrics become less choppy and dance-like and more smooth and note dragging which I only like if it's put with the right beat. Then comes the chorus which is extremely addictive and really makes you want to go outside and film a Wildwater Kingdom commercial for Dorney Park haha (just my opinion). Then the next verse comes which goes back into the comfortable part of the song which doesn't really make you want to jam but keeps you interested enough. Then the song starts chopping up every lyric which just sounds like the lyricist was getting sleepy and kept nodding his head which is what I was about to do until Amber's rap comes out of nowhere! The rap is nice but it's so short like most of Amber's rap so as soon as you think your really enjoying it abruptly ends and your left with a "what the heck" look on your face. Now hear comes your chorus again which is so refreshing and repetative that I want to download just the chorus, put it on repeat, fly to LA and do a commercial for Raging Waters lol, now the songs over and I'm repeating it because I'm addicted. THE END not yet!

Now for the live performances. Their comeback performance on Music Bank was totally filled with high expectations by me since I have seen their Danger and Nu Abo stages and yea that's all I gotta say. Instead though I was dissapointed by their lack of enthusiasm which made me feel like I was talking to my Mom about winter which she hates. They seemed really tired which I can totally sympathize with but I can't sympathize with their stage prescence. Their prescense just seemed like it wasn't really there which they haven't seemed like since Mr.Boogie performances so I was quite dissapointed. Victoria was looking hot in red but she was looking cool as far as happiness to be on stage. Krystal looked like she didn't really give a crap and she didn't really want to be there (like usual) under her light smile and singing. Luna looked like she was trying her best but just didn't feel like being bothered (I would feel the same way if every time I started singing the whole crowd becomes as quiet as crickets and the person I thought was my good friend barely hugs me when I go to hug her after I win on inkigayo with "Danger" which she is the MC for but since I love this MC I'll shut up now cause I don't want to be too bias too Luna's feelings since the MC might have been shocked!) Anyway now Amber looked as happy as ever but I would be too if the crowd screems so loud  that sounds like their trying to jump on the stage as we speak when I do my 2 sec rap! Sulli looked adorable but her energy was at a low as well!

For the MV I'm going to be bluntly honest Victoria owns this MV she's got on some hot outfits she's looking prettier than ever and you can tell she must really like summer. Krystal looks happy for once but she still looks stuck up maybe it's my read between the fake smile eye talking but who cares. Like most videos Luna doesn't get enought screen time but I won't get into that because that's my bias self talking keke.  The video is well created and the best scene is the main scene where their in the street with the cars. I think they really could've made this video much better if they just had have taken a litle more time and added a storyline even though it still could have been awesome without one! Anyway the other scenes are nice as well but they aren't very relevant to summer I just felt like this was a Nu Abo/ Chu/Pinocchio remake MV!! Oh yeah the choreography is pretty wack but whatever. It's just frustrating because their suppose to be a dance based group with their latest release I feel like A Pink has harder choreograpy ( kinda Sarcasm)!!

Overall the song is good, the mv is good and, their live performances are good even though I've seen better. I can sympathize of course though because I know how crazy SM's schedueles are and I feel bad because I know they're probably so tired and just want to take a nap and eat some pizza and chomp down on some of that Fried Chicken they endorse!!

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