Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goodbye Bekah

I would just like to make a post saying Goodbye to the wonderful Bekah of After School!! Even though I have just recently taken interest in her relevance in the group a few months ago because I really liked her rap in their latest release. I feel really bad for never noticing her! Bekah is really cool and she's full of swag which is why I'm so shocked by the fact that she was such a underrated member. It's also sad that she didn't get much attention until bad news was revealed regarding the suave rapper. Bekah has just revealed that she will be graduating from the group which means she will be leaving the group permanantly unfortunately. Many are already familiar whith After School's admission and graduation system so I won't discuss it.

Bekah is one of the original members of the group so her leave has come as a huge shock to all of her and the groups fans but it was clearly a very thought out decision. Pledis Entertainment has realesed statements explaining the cause of her leave which is just her desire to continue her studies of becoming a designer which was her original dream and she hopes to fufill it now.Bekah will be returning to Hawaii with bright hopes for the future. her decision was officially announced after much discussion with the members, family, friends, staff, and the company. Bekah has already had her graduation party and she has released her official graduation photos. Both events were happy and sad experiences but her members are very supportive of her.

I am personally quite saddened by her leave and I hope that one day she will return to the group even though she has already stated that she hopes to create a album for AS after she gets better with her designing skills in the future. I hope Bekah will be extremely happy and I hope she lives her dream well. After School and Bekah Fighting!!

Also AS will be accepting a new Japanese member soon and they will be creating another sub-unit called AS Originals which will include Rania, Nana, Kahi, JungAh, and JooYeon (my bias) reportedly! UEE will be going solo soon as well!!

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