Monday, June 13, 2011

Favorite Actress: Ku Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun is the feature of this week as one of my favorite actresses and I'm very excited to share my opinion of Hye sun and her admirable career. Hye Sun is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea and in Asia since she is a key factor in the Hallyu Wave. Now let's talk about why she is so famous.

Ku Hye Sun is most famous for her role in Boys Before Flowers (Boys Over Flowers, BBF, BOF) but, she has participated in other projects before and after her shoot to ultimate stardom after her role as the female lead in BBF. The first time I saw Ku Hye Sun was in Pure In Heart in 2006 which is a popular daily drama staring Suh Ji Suk, Lee Yoon Ji,  and Yon Yeo Jung among others. In Pure In Heart she plays a girl from Yanpeong (or somewhere I forget where she's from I haven't watched since 06 lol) who comes to Seoul to marry the man she's never met but has been communicating with through letters for a while now. When she gets there she finds out the man she loves has just dies and the family that is in the middle of grieving lets her in and lets her stay in Seoul and live with them while she makes a living. After that she becomes like a daughter to the family and everywhere they go they treat her as a part of the family. But unfortunately her 'brother' falls in love with her and the wealthy 'Ice Man' on the other side of town is falling for the peculiar girl as well and everything breaks lose from there.

Hye Sun has also been in 3 sitcoms "Drama City- Everybody Cha Cha" and "Anagram" plus "Nonstop 5". She was also a host Inkigayo for a year with Kim HeeChul. She also had a cameo (i think) on Ballad of Suh Dong. She also was the lead role on The King and I as Queen Jeheon. She also had the lead role on Strongest Chil-Woo as So-Yoon. Speaking of lead roles she also had the lead role on major hit kdrama BBF so let's talk about that.

In BBF Hye Sun plays Geum Jan Di a head-strong, pure, fierce, and fearless girl who is experiencing a big change in her life. One day on her way to deliver laundry to ShinHwa High she notices a kid about to jump from a building and commit suicide after horrible treatment he's received from the F4. Jan Di saves this kid but she can't save herself from the treatment she's going to receive after what se just did. After she saves this kid a huge scandal explodes and so to settle it they give JanDi a scholarship to that school and from the time she forcefully arrives shes treated horribly since she was nice to a 'reject' or someone the F4 doesn't like. So from now on Jan Di is going to be treated horribly until the F4 ring-leader through all his comical but horrible torture falls in love with JanDi unfortunately the spicy teen rejects and since Jun Pyo has never been rejected he must fight for his first love. This drama tells the story of a beautiful and hilarious forbidden love that turns everyone in this drama from boys and girls to men and women. This is considered the best kdrama of all time in many eyes including my own and the rest of my families.

Ku Hye Sun is a member of YG Entertainment and is close friends with stars like 2NE1, Big Bang, and many other YG artists. Hye Sun is also a CEO of her own film company and she has released her first film in the year of 2010. She is also a author, composer, and singer. She released a song called "Brown Hair" and her movie was quite successful. She is currently working on two dramas The Musical and Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. 

I highly recommend Pure In Heart and Boys Before Flowers and her song Brown Hair is really refreshing and it's one of my favorite songs as well.

You can watch Pure In Heart on

And BBF is available on,,, and Mysoju.Com and clips and thousands of OST videos are available on

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