Monday, June 6, 2011

Favorite Actress: Seo Hyo Rim

Seo Hyo Rim is one om my favorite actresses and she is known in the entertainment industry for being really beautiful and perfect for modeling. I've seen her in only one drama but I've also seen her co-MC on Music Bank for over a year until her run on the show ended. Either way the few works I've seen her in proved to me that she's really AWESOME!!

The first time I saw HyoRim was in "Happiness in the Wind" which is a Korean drama that stars Kim So Eun, and Jin Yi Han. She plays the role of a money-hungry up-and-coming immature model who just likes going to clubs and dating rich guys. Eventually though she falls in love with a man who she originally started dating just for the money! Soon their relationship becomes extremely serious when her and her rich beau Sangjun lie to his parents that she's pregnant so that they can get married. They live happily for a period of time but when the truth comes to the light everything blows up and she loses everything in 5 seconds. Her part of the show revolves around building back up her life and becoming a real part of her husbands family when she continues to love and take care of his family when they go bankrupt!

Seo Hyo Rim has acquired a lot of Endorsements under her belt including Outback Stake House, Laneige, Hana TV, Hite Prime, Hite Beer, Conus, and Cable ComedyTV. She also has been featured in a few music video's like MBLAQ's "Y", Seo Young-Eng's "Your Beautiful Smile" and more. She's also been featured in many magazines like Cosmopolitan, InStyle, ELLE Girl, VOGUE Girl, Ceci, Singles, Cindy the Perky and a whole lot more!!

Hyo Rim also has a lot of experience in MCing through "KBS's Music Bank" with Song Joong Ki. Seo Hyo Rim is becoming more and more popular and she's been envied quite often because of the many photoshoots and CF's she's been called in to do with popular boy groups and actors. Groups like CN Blue, 2PM and, SHINee. Actors like Hyun Bin. Tons of fanboys went crazy as well when she did a photoshoot with Go Eun Ah and, Min Hyo Rin for Vogue.

 At the end of the day though Seo Hyo Rim is one of my favorite actresses not because she's pretty, popular, or envied but because she's talented and very nice. Although I have not seen her in many shows I'm looking forward to seeing her in many more and I hope everyone will feel the same way after watching one of her movies, CFs, or dramas. I hope she becomes even more successful in the future and I hope she gets more supporters very soon.

Check out her official website
It's also available in English along with Korean (Hangul).

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