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Favorite Actress: Kim So Eun

I'm sorry for the late post but I totally forgot that I said I would post my "Favorite Actress" series every Saturday. I'm so sorry but anyway let's get down to it this weeks feature is none other than Kim So Eun of "Boys Before Flowers" fame.


Kim So Eun is one of my favorite actresses and is definitely pretty high up there on my list of best actresses as well. Shes, pretty, nice, talented, and famous what else is there (just kidding).  Anyway, I know that SoEun has been in many dramas but I've only seen her in two as of now and I don't want too keep it that way since she's so awesome!!

The first drama I watched with SoEun in it was BBF and she played the role of Ga Eul who was the love interest of So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and the best friend of Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun). Her role was very sweet and required mostly just scenes of her hanging out with Jan Di in the beginning. Eventually, her role became more of a key factor in the drama since she became one of the members of the F4's love interest. Her love story with Yi Jung on the show was quickly becoming even more popular than the main love plot between Gu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho) and Jan Di. Despite the fact that they're love line was less dramatic and entertaining. There's was a cuter, sweeter, more refreshing love line than the main one since no one was playing hard to get just Yi Jung was so emotionally damaged and he was too much of a player. Since he was like that he repeatedly hurt Ga Eul and so it became hard for her to understand his slowly developing feelings.

Either way there love story ended on a good note and truly contributed to Bum and SoEun's ever growing popularity. Unfortunately though, their real life relationship quickly grew akward since there was a mass amount of rumors that their love line was not just a mere story on a smash-hit drama but it was the real deal. These rumors grew even more because they were currently attending the same college and they were spotted with matching or extremely similar rings. Despite the akwardness in their real life, friendly relationship they still remain friends today and have moved on from the never ending dating rumors.

Now let's fast-forward to 2010 and now Kim So Eun is for the first time ever a lead in a drama! This drama is titled "Happiness in the Wind" (Good Day for the Wind to Blow, check out my review). She is in this drama with one of my favorite actors Ji Yi Han and one of my favorite actressess Seo Hyo Rim (cneck out my favorite Actress article on her). In this drama she plays a poor 20 year old who's father is nowhere to be found and just recently stole her apartement down payment money. So she moves to Seoul and starts a whole new life there that is going to soon become even worse then her childhood.

In this drama she potrays a very mature woman who gains a  7 year old son, a husband, and and enemy by chance and throughout it all a family. "Happiness in the Wind" is a comedy, romance, family, drama type of show and since it's a daily drama it's quite long consisting of 179 episodes. It's a really good drama and she potrays the role perfectly!!

(She's the shortest girl in the bunch she has on a black dress with black heels elbow length sleeves)

Now, of course she's been in tons of other dramas and countless CF's even one co-starring Yoona of SNSD but I've only watched these two and i'm awaiting her next project but in the meantime I might start watching  one of her other dramas "He Who Can't Marry" which my Mom, and Grandmom highly reccommend!!!

Throughout all of her dramas though I remain a huge fan and despite the fact that I am in love with Kim Bum haha I would totally support their relationship just like I did in BBF if they were to date in real life!! I'm too young to date Kim Bum anyway, sadly :(... Either way, Kim So Eun rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for her next drama!!
Check out  a video for Boys Before Flowers Couple SoEul (So Yi Jung + Cho Ga Eul) 

Here's the links for Part 1, 2, and 3 of "Happiness in the Wind' Final Episode if you're interested...

A Video I dedicated to her:

Song: Half by Kim Yeo Hee

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