Monday, May 30, 2011

KPop Duos I Love

Davichi 다비치

Consists of:
Lee HaeRi 이해리
Kang Min Kyung 강민경

Davichi debuted in 2008 and won Best New Female Artist at the 2008 MNET MAMA's. They also won
February Rookie of the Month at the Cyworld Digital Music Award along with Song of the Month for July.
They also won the New Artist Award at the 23rd Goden Disk Awards. As you can see through their many awarda they are extremely talented and I can obviously say they deserved all those awards.

My personal favorite songs from Davichi are "My Man", "Love & War", "Hot Stuff", "Time Please Stop", "Wonder Woman", "8282" and, "From Me To You". Davichi is a really amazing duo and they are two powerhouse vocalist!. Min Kyung's voice is very soothing and sweet and Lee HaeRi's is the total opposite since her voice is powerful and moving. Their voices perfectly collide though and in every one of their songs they sound amazing along with their live performances.

Even after their debut year Davichi had much success in 09 and 2010 through the Cyworld Digital Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Golden Disk Awards. Hopefully they will have just as much success in 2011 and the many years to come! If you want just a little more information about Davichi then here it is lol. Their under Core Contents Media the same company that formally housed Black Pearl and SeeYa and currently houses artists like Co-Ed School, T-Ara, 5Dolls and Yangpa!! yea now you really want to check them out don't you?! Haha.


SISTAR19 is a sub-unit to popular girl group SISTAR. Sistar19 possess everything a girl group should possess and they put it into two people. Bora plays the role as the sexy, dance-machine, perfect body rapper. Then HyoRin plays the role of the pretty, sexy, hardworking leader and main vocalist.

Sistar19 just debuted but there already taking the music world by storm since they've been in the Take 7 of Inkigayo for at least two weeks and they've been going head to head to head (lol) for the win on MCountdown! and Music Bank for awhile now since they've been in the Top 3 for at least two weeks as well.

S19 has only released one song thus far but it's amazing and their music video has already reached over 1 million views on their Entertainment companies official youtube channel .

If you want some more information about them then here you go. There duo is similar to duo Miss S if you wanted to think of a artist you might be familiar with. Also their group is under Starship Entertainment who houses BoyFriend, K.Will, and the group their under SISTAR. Sistar has been mainly produced by the Brave Brothers who also produced Sistar19's debut track. Sistar has released three title tracks so far "Push Push", "Shady Girl", and their Music Bank winner song "How Dare You". Each song is in it's own single album and were released in 2010. Sistar19 and Sistar are amazing and I hope they get even more famous.



GD & TOP are the two rappers of Big Bang and in late 2010 they created sub-unit of Big Bang making the Duo GD&TOP. When they stepped on the stage every week on the various music programs they took over and really seemed to be having a great time just going crazy all over the stage. They are extremely charismatic and they know how to make the whole room a fun atmosphere.

The main songs on their album are "Knockout" and "High High" but my favorites are "Oh Yeah" feat. Park Bom and, "Don't Go Home" . either way the album is really nice and it's definitely one of my favorite Korean hip-pop albums lol.

Check out the MV for 'Knockout".

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