Friday, May 27, 2011

Kpop Stars I Respect

Recently I saw a topic under the 6Theory Top Discussions section on and I decided to give my opinion on the topic. Basically the thread was discussing korean stars who people respect other then their kpop biases. So now I would like to give my take on the discussion by talking about the artist I respect.

Kara: Kara recently had a really begin scandal regarding Nicole, Seungyeon, and JiYoung suing their company DSP Media. Everyone was accusing the members of having bad relationships and being rude to each other. And other people were accusing them of betraying their company after how hard they worked for them. Throughout all of this obvious heartache Kara continued with their Japanese promotions and tried not too lose their strong relationships as not only group mates and friends but family! In the end, Kara came to a resolution with their company, and all of the members have reunited and  tearfully expressed their sorrows and true emotions about their controversy through an episode of "Strong Heart". I respect them for persevering and for never giving up since they also worked really hard at success. Kara debuted in the same year as the Wonder Girls & SNSD and they lost their lead vocalist in the same year and quickly added Hara and JiYoung but they still didn't reach ultimate success until 2009 with their hit Japanese and Korean single "Mister".

Wonder Girls: All of the members of WG are respectable and I would like to evaluate all of them.
Sun Ye (Leader): Sun Ye trained under JYP for 8 years and never lost hope. Sun had to see all of her friends debut one after another while she trained like crazy everyday and one day she finally debuted and was recognized for her amazing talent as well as her amazing perseverance and patients as she tirelessly waited for 8 years of her young life!!
Yenny (Main Vocalist): Yenny was added last minute to WG so naturally she had to work extra hard but she did and amazing job and forever I will respect her for that. She is an amazing singer, dancer, and pianist and she truly deserves all of the recognition she receives and more!
Sun Mi (Vocalist): All though Sun Mi is currently on a leave from WG I still want so consider to list her because I still consider her a member. Mimi left the group to pursue a college education since she dropped out of high school back when she was an official WG member so she  could dedicate all of her time to her career. Since Mimi left the group around the same time as Jay Park left 2PM when the news first broke she was accused of being involved in a relationship with Jay Park and some even said she got pregnant and to prevent a scandal they both left their respective groups. I truly applaud Sun Mi for going through all of this and then studying for her college entry exam (she was also bombarded with questions for autographs and pictures before and after her exam)  at the same time. She passed the exam and went to a great college and is still in contact with WG and great friends with all the members including Lim and she also keeps in contact with many members of JYP Nation.
Yubin (Rapper): Yubin became a member of WG right after Hyuna left so obviously it must have been hard for her to take her place. But she fit in perfectly and quickly became just as close with the other members but through out it all Sun Mi was always the one who opened up to her first so when she left it hit her hard but she kept working hard and is now one of the most popular members in WG.  But with that title came criticism, she was criticized in 09 for gaining weight even though she still looked gorgeous but people took back their statement in 2010 when she came back with one of the best bods in kpop!
SoHee; With fame comes pain and that's how it was for SoHee since she was the most famous member in WG(SubVocalist). people criticized her time and time again for being ugly while others praised her for her adorable mandoo face. People accused her of being cocky and talentless when they had no solid evidence despite the fact that she doesn't have the best performances in WG. She got through it all and is now still extremely popular and praised for her improvement.
Lim (Sub Vocalist): when Lim first joined WG as Mimi's replacemnt many people criticized her and treated her harshly because of their still bitter feelings that Mimi had to leave ( I admit I even acted that way once even though it was way milder then other ppl but it waas still wrong and I'm sorry for saying that it would be had for her to fill Mimi's place cause that's not what she was trying to do and she was a wonderful addition to WG anyway!!)

Part 2: Coming Soon!!

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