Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Debut Review: New Boy Group "BoyFriend"

The highly anticipated and long awaited debut of new boy group "BoyFriemd" took place today!!! BoyFriend is a new group from the ever growing entertainment company Starship Entertainment who houses artists like Sistar, Sistar19, and K.Will. BoyFirend is the latest artist from the company and they are already taking over the kpop world with the release of their debut music video today. The debut album is self-titled "BoyFriend" as well as their title-track. Contrary, to the teasers they've been releasing for the last couple of days, this song is very bubbly and sweet and it can easily brighten up any gloomy day. The Music Video mostly consists of dancing and member close-ups like most kpop music videos but towards the end a little bit of a plot is revealed. At the end you see the members acting really nervous waiting in front of a door holding flowers and a CD. Eventually, they built up the courage to knock and guess who pops out?! Well watch and find out!!

I already watched the video and fell in love with this new group but now I want to know what you guys think so please comment!! I'll be watching for more from this group and you guys should too especially since they're from the same amazing company as Sistar, and K.Will!!! Look forward to more posts on this very adorable group!!

                                                          "BoyFriend" Hwaiting!!

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