Saturday, May 21, 2011

Korean Drama Review: Happiness in the Wind

In the land of Korean dramas there is a little show from KBS that has 173 episodes and great ratings. It's called "Happiness in the Wind" aka "Good Day for the Wind to Blow" and it stars a lot of top stars. Some of their names are Kim So Eun, Jin Yi Han, and Seo Hyo Rim. It's a great drama and I had the opportunity to watch every single episode so I'm going to do a review that will hopefully help anyone who is interested in watching this drama to make a decision. So let's get started.

I have to say that when I first started watching this drama I thought to myself omg this plot is so overdone and then I saw the ending for ep1 and I said "I'm so watching this drama". What I'm trying to say is this drama sucks you in from the very start and it doesn't let go until 100 something episodes later. One of the most interesting things about this drama is how they entangle every ones roles so that any one person can marry the one they love but the outcome of their relationship is what's interesting. Unlike how in most daily dramas they fight for their relationship the whole 100 somethin episodes, this drama gives you a moving, funny, and romantic look at what happens after you form that relationship. The other thing that made this drama amazing was the fact that unlike other dramas the reason for the main couples being miserable is not the family being furious but the couple in love resisting or being stupid. But of course they had to add the crazy lady in there that forbids the main couple from being together but the thing that made this lady different is she was being deceived in the beginning too and because of it she starts deceiving others and a plus is shes way more wicked than others and shes not and a old bag but the main characters old lover.

Like most dramas it came to a point where it was extremely frustrating. This drama was frustrating because of everybody's lack of communication which led to unneeded misunderstanding and then the simple fact that the mean character/family of the show was getting every thing they wanted and the innocent main character remained oblivious for to long of a period of time and it was mostly because everyone was falling for every lie anyone told. But either way in the end...oh wait I don't want to reveal too much if you want to know watch the drama! haha

The good thing for this drama was that you didn't have to wait long for everyone to get what they deserved. Some of the main families in the drama get what they deserve before your even half way through the drama which was a plus and some couples get to be happy through out most of the drama which left you with some happiness amongst all the chaos in this drama!!!

Unfortunately though, a lot of tragedy has to occur in this drama before some people realize how much they're hurting the people they care about and how happy they're making the people who are secretly ruining their lives. All together though it's a sweet drama and they found people that were perfect for every role and people who can actually act and wouldn't make crap of the drama hehehe.

If you need any more momentum to watch this drama then I'll just go the extra mile here's the link:

You don't have to watch it on this particular website though if you don't want too. Either way there's the link and I really hope you enjoy the drama. Look forward to some more reviews from me of kdramas, movies, photoshoots, concerts and albums!!

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  1. Hi Chi Chi,

    Nice review I really enjoyed this drama, all 173 episodes. Even though it made me sooo mad at times I am glad I watched it!