Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Comebacks

As any K-Pop fan that's been here for a little while knows Fall is the season for comebacks and if you don't know it's alright because you'll find out. Around this time the debut's and rookie comebacks take a quick stop as the comebacks of stars who's rookie days are long gone and are now at the top of the industry now start preparing for their grand comebacks.The first batch of highly anticipated comebacks have already happened so now it's my job to let you guys know about them. Here's the list of the big fall comebacks thus far, keep an eye out for an update soon with the next batch ;)

"One of a Kind" by G-Dragon

"That XX" by G-Dragon

"Crayon" by G-Dragon

After a three year long wait since his last solo release one of if not THE biggest star in K-Pop and Korean Fashion G-Dragon has made his comeback. For his highly anticipated comeback G-Dragon has released three music video's for three different singles to viewers pleasure. With this comeback GD has for sure proved once again his skills as a rapper, producer, singer, fashionista, and all around K-Pop icon.

"I Don't Need A Man" by Miss A

After a 8 month long hiatus Miss A has returned with a brand new single and music video. Miss A's latest album "Independent Women III" pays homage to the legendary R&B vocal group Destiny's Child and their mega hit "Independent Women" that was featured in the Charlie's Angels soundtrack and even sparked a part 2. Miss A had very big shoes to fill for this comeback and they did a very good job. I'm sure the ladies of Destiny's Child would be very happy!

"Nillili Mambo" by Block B

Block B is still relatively new to the scene but they have already earned themselves a large fan-base with their electronic hip-pop style and sound.Their comeback garnered a lot of excitement with their new catchy song and entertaining music video. Block B have made a succesful comeback and it looks like they've gained a whole new army of fans with this new release!

"Please Don't" by K.Will

K.Will has made a comeback with a new ballad track that is sure to pull at your heart strings. The beautiful song is accompanied by a music video starring Seo In Guk the singer-turned-actor who's career is quickly on the rise. Along with popular girl group SISTAR's gorgeous maknae Dasom who is also currently active as an actress and just so happens to be K.Will's labelmate. His comeback is currently doing well domestically and internationally and has confirmed K.Will's success once again as a popular ballad artist!

"Up" by Epik High ft. Park Bom

After years of waiting K-Pop rap fans can finally rejoice as Epik High has made their long awaited comeback and once again stand on stage as 3 members! Epik High is now under YG Entertainment and their lives have progressed as has their music style but the classic Epik High sick beats and smooth flows are still here and relevant with Epik High's comeback. Their title track Up features Park Bom of 2NE1 and is doing very well on the charts along with the rest of their album, the K-Pop scene welcomes you back with open arms Epik High!!!!

Other Comebacks:
"Lipstick" by Orange Caramel (Full-Length Album)"
"Poison" by SECRET (Mini-album)
"Stop It" by B.A.P (Single Album)
"Stop Girl" by U-Kiss (Mini-album)

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