Thursday, August 9, 2012

K-Pop Throwback Music

With the Hallyu Wave growing and expanding more and more, a lot of new fans are coming into K-Pop as fans of the groups at the top of the current Korean industry like Girls Generation, Super Junior, KARA, or 2NE1. A lot of these fans are very big fans of the current industry but are a little bit unaware of K-Pop's origin and past representatives. So in this post I want to show some of the fans who may not know much but are interested in K-Pop's past but don't know where to look. I'd like to show you guys some throwback K-Pop and some of my favorite K-Pop hits from the late 90s and early 2000s.


The first artist is none other than arguably the biggest group of early K-Pop, the six-member boy group Shinhwa! Shinhwa debuted in 1998 from SM Entertainment (when the company was merely just a small company) and quickly became the boys of every girls dreams with their, handsome looks, remarkable talent, cute and sexy charisma, and catchy songs! Shinhwa is very famous for their unbreakable bond not only as band members but as family and have continued their career as a group to this day for 14 years, becoming the longest running group in K-Pop history. Shinhwa's bond and success is admired by many of their junior artists in the current industry including their company juniors Girls Generation. Now I'd like to show you two of my favorite songs by Shinhwa, enjoy!

"Brand New" by Shinhwa

Wild Eyes - Shinhwa


Next we have arguably the biggest girl group of early K-Pop, the 3 member group S.E.S. SES stands for Sea (Bada in hangul), Eugene (pronounced Yoojin), and Shoo! S.E.S are the original fairies of K-Pop and started and perfected the cute, innocent, and fairly like concept that groups like A Pink and SNSD (in the earlier days of their career) have adopted. S.E.S became every mans dream and every girls envy when they stepped on to the scene in 1997 from SM Entertainment. S.E.S are considered the first highly successful girl group in K-Pop and their late 1999 album "Love" selling over 762,000 copies still holds the tile of "Best Selling Album in Korea by a Girl Group"! Now for some of my favorite songs by the awesome girl group , music start!

I'm Your Girl by S.E.S

Just A Feeling by S.E.S


Now we have the reigning "Queen of K-Pop" BoA! BoA debuted in 2000 under SM Entertainment at the young age of 14! BoA quickly became popular for her polished and advanced dance moves. BoA conquered multiple concepts from innocent and pure to sexy and charismatic all at a young age. After a few years of a successful career in South Korea, BoA moved onto Japan and became very popular breaking and setting multiple records with some still even unbeatable. BoA is still active as an artist and is now considered the "Queen of K-Pop". Her stage name BoA which is an acronym for "Beat of Angel" is often manipulated to mean "Best of Asia" because of her immense success as an artist in Asia. Now for two of my favorites of BoA's old songs!

Don't Start Now


Now that I've given you a summary on some of the leading groups and solo artists, I'd like to just focus on music. Here are some throwback K-Pop songs that can show you a quick look into all of the great past music and new K-Pop groups inspiration!

"Now" by Fin.K.L.

"Run To You" by DJ Doc

"Candy" by H.O.T

"10 Minutes" by Lee Hyori (Fin.K.L)

"Twist King" by Turbo

"Oh My Love" by SE.S

"To My Mother" by G.O.D

"Loveable" by Kim Jong Kook

"Leessang Blues" by LEESSANG

"My Name" by BoA

"Woman of the Beach" by COOL

These are just a few throwback songs and I hope you enjoy them!! If you like these songs don't hesitate to look up these artists and see whatever good music they've produced and some other artists to look for.K-Pop wouldn't be as amazing as it is now, if it weren't for these artists and some of them are still active (ie Shinhwa, Leessang, Lee Hyori, Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D), Kim Jong Kook) so check out their recent releases!

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