Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who Sang It Better?!

In this edition of Who Sang It Better super popular solo artist IU, R&B vocalist Kim Ji Eun, and Jessica of Girl's Generation will go head to head in this editon of Who Sang It Better with "Almost" by Tamia.

First up is Kim Ji Eun who just so happens to have the same first name as IU (her real name is Lee Ji Eun). She also just so happens to be an amazing vocalist like her same name fellow artist. Kim Ji Eun does the best cover among the three in my opinion but now it's time for you to judge! Check out Kim Ji Eun's redention of Almost:

Now let's check out IU's short cover of this soulful classic by Tamia at a live radio broadcast. IU's voice is very different from Kim Ji Eun's but she still does a great job and she is my second favorite among the 3 covers. Let's listen:

Last we have Jessica of mega-girl group Girls Generation! In my opinion Jessica's cover wasn't very good. Her dress and the performance setup was extravagant and beautiful but I expected much more from her singing and she didn't deliver. Jessica looked absolutely stunning but her singing should have been as good as the visuals! Let's check out the performance and you can judge for yourself:

All of the covers in their own way were good but I think I'm going to have to crown Kim Ji Eun as the winner of this edition of Who Sang It Better for obvious reasons. Let me know in the comments who you thought was the best and don't forget to let me know other songs that have been covered by multiple artists!

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