Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Nonsense Titles of T-ARA

T-ARA is infamous for releasing tracks with titles that hold no specific meaning. Two of T-ARA's biggest hits both have titles that mean absolutely nothing. Bo Peep Bo Peep T-ARA's first hit track released in 2010 is one of T-ARA's most annoying yet addictive songs. Bo Peep Bo Peep was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and it's a song he admitted he was ashamed to give to T-ARA. Eunjung of T-ARA also admitted to being ashamed of the song at first as well. Luckily the shame was worth it when they won 2 times in a row on Music Bank! Bo Peep Bo Peep may have been the secong worst song of their career thus far but it's also one of their biggest hits and this foolish title was the start of it all!

YaYaYa is the title track of their 2010 album "Absolute". Not only does YaYaYa have one of the stupidest most uneducated titles and concepts out of all of T-ARA's songs but it's also THE WORST song they hav ever released and I was embarrased just to listen to the song and I can only image how embarrassing it must have been to try to confidently perform it! Luckily they appeared to have learned their lesson after not one win on Music Bank or Inkigayo!

Roly Poly is on T-ARA's 2011 summer mini-album "John Trovolta Wannabe" and it is personally oen of my favorite songs by the group. Although the song isn't an amazing production even near the excellence of their songs like "Cry Cry" or "TTL" but it's pretty good. The constant repeating of the title Roly Poly over and over again in the chorus like their songs "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and YaYaYa is the only realy downfall of the song. Although the song lacks a stable ending high note or for that matter even a slight revealign of vocal ability throughout the entire song it's ok since T-ARA are known for not exactly having the best voices or songs in the kpop industry. Although Roly Poly has one of the most meaningless titles ever it is a very succesful song even going on to win Best Music Video of the year at the Melon Music Awards!

Nonsense titles seem to work for T-ARA as it has brung them many wins on Music Programs and Award shows so maybe that's what works for them. All I know is I love T-ARA and as long as they keep releasing music I'll be happy!

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