Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Actressess Part 1

I've been watching Korean Dramas for 7 years now and Korean Dramas are seriously one I've my favorite pass times. Over the years I have come across a lot of dramas with a lot of awesome actors and actressess so I want to share a list of my favorites. Of course their are dozens of Korean Actressess but these are the ones that have stood out to me as amazing actressess. When I made the list I took into account how well they played their various roles, appearances and personality! That's how I made this list! Most of these actressess have been in tons of dramas but I'll only be listing the roles I've seen them play!

1. Lee Yoon Ji
The first drama I ever saw Lee Yoon Ji in was the second Korean Drama I had ever watched back in 06. Lee Yoon Ji at the time played a spoiled yet adorable filthy rich brat who fell in love with a employee at her fathers company who just happend to be her brothers forbidden loves best friend. Her character was so mean but so quirky and cute. At the time Yoonji was in her 20s and she had brown long hair. The second drama I saw her in was "Goong"(Princess Hours) which also aired in 06 but I saw much later. Yoonji was apart of the cast for about 8 episodes and her character was AWESOME! The third drama I've seen from her was "Dandelion Family" a 50 episode family drama that just proved to me once again why I think she's AWESOME! The fourth drama I saw from Yoonji was "Dream High" the ultra popular drama where she played a teacher with a strong charisma that masked her charming cute and innocent side. I can't wait to see more roles from my favorite actress "Lee Yoon Ji"!

2. Kim So Eun
The first drama I saw from Kim So Eun just happens to be my favorite drama of all time "Boys Before Flowers". She plays the innocent and sweet high school student "Ga Eul" who is Jan Di's (Ku Hye Sun) best friend and slowly develops a love-line with F4 Member JiYoung (Kim Bum). The seond drama I've from So Eun was "Happiness in the Wind"( A Good Day for the Wind to Blow, check out my review). She scored her first female lead with this drama and she acted wonderfully as a 20 year old illustrator who falls in love with a 30 year old man(Jin Yi Han) with a child and obssessed past lover. The third drama I saw Soeun in was none other than "A Thousand Kisses" where she once again takes the role of a supporting actress. Like all her roles she owns it. So Eun is amazing hence why she made it into this Top 10 list!

3. Yoon Eun Hye

The first drama I watched Yoon Eun Hye in was "Goong" where she was the female lead as a high school student who just found out that she is under a formal agreement to become the new princess of Korea and marry the prince. The second drama I've watched with Yoon Eun Hye was "Take Care of the Young Lady" where she was once again a female lead but this time she plays a rich ,spoiled, fearless 25 year old who falls in love with her butler (Yoon Hyun Sang). The third drama I saw Yoon Eun Hye in was "Lie To Me" where she was a once again the female lead. Yoon Eun Hye has become one of my favorite actressess through her great acting skills, approachable personality and awesome modeling skills. Yoon Eun Hye will always be a princess even if Goong has ended.

4. Moon Chae Won

The first drama I saw Chae Won in was "Take Care of the Young Lady" where she played a pure and hard working girl in her 20's who was in love with her older best friend who is slowly falling in love with someone else. The second drama I saw her in was "Shining Inheritance" where she was once again a supporting actress and not a lead she was also ina role that didn't really show her acting chops. The third drama I saw Chae Won in was "It's Okay Daddy's Girl" a drama I consider to be in my Top 5 of all time. She scored the role of the female lead and through that role she proved to me how good of an actress she was. That role put her in this list and I can't wait to watch her in something else.

5. Song Ji Hyo

I've only seen Song Ji Hyo in one drama thus far "Goong" (a drama where you can see many of my favorite actressess have starred in). Goong is an awesome drama an Song Ji Hyo does an amazing job at playing the antagonist but 70% of the reason why Ji Hyo made this list is her awesome role on "Running Man". Ji Hyo is awesome and my second favorite member of the Running Man cast. Ji Hyo's role as the gorgeous and tough "Bad Ji Hyo" the smart "Ace Ji Hyo" and the confused and Blank "Mong Ji Hyo" have all placed her on this list and I hope she continues to be those roles while remaining totally gorgeous!

Part 2 is coming soon!

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