Thursday, September 8, 2011

Album Review: "Everday" by Girl's Day

This min-album is one of the best this year in my opinion and it's quite adorable. This review will include the reviewing of the packaging and quality since I purchased this album physically off of YesAsia! Let's Review...

1.Young Love
Young Love is a really sweet song and it is so pretty and sweet and really fitting of Girl's Day's current image. Their is a tiny bit of auto tune in this song and it sounds wierd but the rest of the song is pure vocals and it sounds really nice.
Song: 4/5

2. Hug Me Once
Ths is the title track on Girl's Day's title track and it's really adorable. This song approaches the cute concept on a bearable level in my opinion. Usually the cute concept is undearably annoying (ie Don't Let Your eyes Wander by Girl's Day) but this time it was really cute and nice. I feel as though the insturemntal (the instrumental is the 5th track on the album) is nice and their vocals are nice too. Minah is really good at high notes and she nails them in all of their songs. So overall I like this song.

3. Twinkle Twinkle
This is a pre-release and it is the song that launched Girl's day to fame. This song is really adorable and even though it's a little annoying. it's not bad, it's actually really good. The song is a little wild but it pretty much stays to the point. This song once again shows Girl's Day's good vocals and Minah's postitve approach to the famous ending song high notes.
Song: 4/5

4. Nothing Lasts Forever
This song is Girl's Day best title track thus far and it's the best song on the album. They really work the sexy concept in this song and honestly and I think they did a great job. The lyrics are really cool and their vocals are once again positively highlited. Minah's high note is really good in this song too and this helped me to appreciate Minah's vocal talent after I saw her hit her high note live and hold it too.
Song: 5/5

This album is overall really good although it's short. The quality is really good too. The packaging looks similar to Rainbow's To Me and the design is like Rainbow's To Me and 5Dolls first mini album. I really like the pictures, they're so pretty. The album overall is of nice quality too.

Overall : 4.8/5
Packaging/Quality: 5/5
Photobook: 4.9/5
Reccomend: Yes

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