Sunday, August 21, 2011

Album Review: Girl's Generation Debut Japanese Album

Girls Generation's debut Japanese album is one of the best SNSD album's released to this date and although it's not your typical Soshi album it's spectacular. This album takes some time to grow on you if your use to soshi's Korean releases. This album is very mature and it really shows their growth as people and artists in every single song! Let's Review.

1. Bad Girl

Bad Girl is the type of track that doesn't take you where you wanna go in music wonderland but the place where it takes you is ok too. It isn't the best song on the album but it's still a good song. The music video is very bland and the quality appears to be cheap but overall it's good.
Song: 3/5
MV: 3/5

2.Born To Be A Lady

This is a truly beautiful song and can easily make you emotional especially if you read the English translation. The song doesn't sound spectacular, their vocals aren't showcased really in this song either but it's the beautiful meaning that makes this song enjoyable!
Song: 2/5

3.Beautiful Stranger

This song makes you think it's going to have this cool bad girl feel and then the chorus comes and you're like ok well this sucks lol. Overall, the song is a little awkward in my opinion and it's a lot of out of place repetition and I honestly think this song is one of the worst on the album!
Song: 1/5

4. Hoot (Japanese Ver.)

Most Japanese versions of original Korean songs usually sound awkward and this one is an exception. The first verse sound really weird but I have to admit the chorus is AWESOME and I really like the way it sounds in Japanese. Taeyeons high note right before the second chorus sounds really weird though. The bridge also sounds weird but when the last chorus comes back in it sounds pretty cool.
Song: 4/5

5. I'm In Love With the Hero

The 5th track on the album is my favorite song on the album and it starts off so awesome. Then it disappoints you a Little bit and goes into a weird verse. The chorus is really cool though and the second verse is cool as well. The song is short so before you know it your at the bridge/breakdown part and then the awesome build up comes in and features some amazing taeyeon ad-lib notes and then it calms down and ends abruptly. This is really a great song to me and I wish it was longer but either way it's great.
Song: 5/5

6.Let it Rain

When the song first starts it makes you think it's gonna be cool then it goes into this ballad like melody and sounds weird but once the girls starts singing it sounds ok. This song only has Sunny, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica in it who are considered the vocalist of the group. The chorus is for sure the best part of the song and although the verses are not like your typical ballad verses they're nice as well.

7. The Great Escape

The song starts off so cool and goes into a great verse that has a patnering beat that is so addictive. The chorus is calm but it's still really cool and it partners with the verse perfectly. The song is wild without sounding messy and it's really creative. The seemingly last chorus is especially good with it's partnering adlibs and notes by Jessica right before the last chorus comes in and cuts off unexpectedly. This song is great definitely the best track on the album.
Song: 5/5

8. You-Aholic
Unlike most of the songs on this album the chorus and verse are both sexy and addicting. The song isn't the best on the album but it still has an unexpecting and addictive quality that is sure to pull any music lover in!
Song: 4/5

9. Mr.Taxi

Mr.Taxi is a great song and it really channels Soshi's Korean releases! The verse is really seductive and then the chorus comes in and instead of sounding cutesy they repeat Mr.Taxi a thousand times and still manage to make it sound sexy and mature. The part where Hyo does her dance break sounds really cool and the rest of the song is good too.
Song: 4/5
MV: 4/5

10. Genie (Japanese Ver.)

Genie is the best Japanese Version on the album and it sounds just as good as the original.
Song: 4/5

11. Run Devil Run ( Japanese Ver.)

The song and the MV are identical to the original so there's not much to say in my opinion.

12.Gee (Japanese Ver.)

This version sounds really good and I like it a lot. The MV is also perfectly done.
Song: 5/5

Overall Song: 4/5
Overall MV:4/5

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