Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty KPOP Girl Groups...For Now aka Part 1

There are tons of girl groups but not all of them are really pretty. They're are of course groups who i believe are truly beautiful as a majority and I'm going to list them. I'm going to do a seperate post for individual members and boy groups because it's unfair to put boys and girls in the same list. It's also undair to say a whole groups is pretty because of one member. I would also like to say this full list is not my opinion but my sister had a huge part in the groups listed!

1. A Pink

Each kind of beauty is featured in the group from innocent to sophisticated. Bo Mi my personal fav has a face that at first look seems a teeny bit akward but if you look again you realize her beauty is a perfect yet awkward matching of each feature the same with Nam Joo and Eunji. Na Eun is the prettiest out of the group but it's her cuteness that makes her so beautiful her looks are very innocent which can also be said about the maknaes of the group. On the other hand Chorong the 3rd prettiest has such a sophisticated feel and even when she's smiling she seems sophisticated and features the most beautiful eyes that have no need for eyeliner and her looks would be perfect for a style like Black Soshi if they every went down that road!! All of their beauty is really evident in their group shot for High Cut magazine!

2. T-ARA

Each member is able to hold their own in the beauty category and no one has to depend on anybody to be considered beautiful. Perhaps the least popular member in T-ARA Qri is one of the prettiest to me. She looks pretty no matter what hairstyle they give her except that motown one in the "Like The First Time" video which they all looked horrid in! Soyeon has very pretty eyes and I think that's her star feature which goes for Eunjung as well. Jiyeon has gorgeous eyes as well but her cute nose is her star factor. Everything is a star factor for Hyomin because if they were mixed up with other features except for the ones she possess she probably wouldn't look as pretty, the same goes for Boram. The thing that works for Hwayoung is the length of her face the thin slender affect on her cheeks which makes her look just a tiny bit prettier than her identical twin sister Hyoyoung.

3. Dal Shabet

The member who takes the cake for looks is probably Ah Young since her eyes are so adorable and her smile is quite charming and infectious. Then comes Jiyul she is one of those people that just can't seem to take a bad picture, I say that because her 'eye smile' is so sweet and cute that it just makes you want to smile. Vicky is the leader and although her eyes are so sassy and she can make some of the worst photoshoots good but she is also one of the main reasons why I was going to not put them in the list because her nose scares the idkw outa me. I have a thing about noses and as the baby sister of the family everyone laughs at my little obsession  kekeke since it's the first thing I notice on the face of every one I meet and I can call you ugly just because of it. Now Serri who is a real 'doppleganger' of SunYe of WG. Serri is pretty but her cheeks are kinda awkward. Subin is just gorgeous what can I say. Gaeun is pretty as well but her beauty is very glamorous and classy so I wouldn't suggest she gain weight, over do it with the cute concept, change her hair color from blonde lol or wear too many overly elegant up-dos. The best feature in Dal Shabet is their eye smiles so if they gain or lose any weight or over do it with the eyeliner and lose those gorgeous eye smiles I would have to remove them from my list.


Rania is one of the prettiest groups out there right now and their gorgeous faces are really making headlines. Maknae T-ae has a very cute aspect to her face since she has small eyes and lips so she looks adorable. Di has cute aspect to her face as well because of her 'button nose' and she really reminds me of Minnie Mouse for some reason. Riko has a button nose too but because of her sharp jawline and long face she looks more pretty than cute or adorable.  Xia is pretty but her close eyebrows and medium sized forehead brings her in a little low on the beauty list. Joy is pretty as well but her deep eyes make her look beautiful. Jooyi is pretty but her under eye dokbogi doesn't go with her eyes, slender nose and long face and chubby cheeks. The group relatively has a glamorous beauty and it looks gorgeous.


Rainbow is a very pretty group but they look prettier in their music videos and live performances then they do in their pictures to me. Yoon Hye is my fav and the prettiest to me. She has wide eyes, and the mixture of her face is really bold.Hyon Young has the prettiest eye smile and even when she's trying to look sophisticated she looks adorable. The shape of No Eul's face is really pretty and her eyes are gorgeous because they seem to make her look different in every photo but she's always pretty! Seung Ah is pretty and her dokbogi under her eyes is so cute but she doesn't look that good in eyeliner her long nose is her downfall. Ji Sook has a pretty regular smile and eyes smile. Woori has the most beautiful eyebrows ever but because their a little long she looks better with her hair down. Jaekyung is gorgeous but her hair looks better when it's tied up.

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