Thursday, May 19, 2011

As 4Minute Would Say It's My F1RST Post!!

Hi Everyone, and since it's my first post that means no one haha. I would like to welcome all to my blog. My blog will soley focus on Kpop! If I recieve a little bit of success on this blog I was thinking about creating one for my personal life but that's another story lol. Well first I'm chi chi and I love kpop and korean dramas and that's what I'll  be talking about as well as the occasional discussion of korean movies and fashion. I would  also like to let you guys know that I already have a active youtube account that has various videos and it is also based on kpop I hope you guys will check it out! It's:

I really hope you guys like my vids and my blog. Thank You So Much for visiting my blog and let's get started!!

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  1. HI Chi Chi,

    I love the look of your blod it is so fresh, colorful, and full of life. I have subscribed. I am more interested in Korean Dramas then Kpop. When you discuss the dramas I will be there to comment.